Saturday, February 25, 2017

Voices From CPAC

This NEW Blog is Dedicated to Andrew Breitbart for He Inspired Me to Continue...OK That & the CIA/MIC Clique Scared the Shit Out of Me :):) My Blog Viewers I Can't Believe I'm Saying This BUT The Battle to Take Back America from the Globalist Elitist Masters of the Mainstream Media Who Hurt Average America By Wasting Taxpayer Money Has JUST BEGUN .... Game On!!!   Note To Haley Barbour & Henry (Who I Worked for in 1992 at the RNC Convention) It's Time for the Mississippi Mafia to "Cash In Their Chips" America Wants it's Country Back & the Lobbyist GONE!!!  

Since 2012 I've come to every CPAC and have met ppl that helped me communicate to the world my message that I was told was heard by President Donald Trump in 2011 when I wrote a press release about bullying that had happened to me when I whitleblew about fraud and corruption happing with American taxpayer dollars. in the last 5 year generous people have anonymously support me a DYSLEXIC blogger & they have encouraged me to follow every leg that HUMUNGOUS corruption story grew... When ppl understand the issues I was told it's gonna be BIGGER than Tea Pot dome. 

I've also gotten a Breitbart scholarship & went to North Carolina to attend Blogcon a bootcamp for bloggers that included Gorilla social media techniques. A few year later people at Americans for Prosperity invited me to RightOnline & there i met ppl that gave me the tools to reach out further than i ever imagined.  To everyone that has helped this 51 year old blogger 30,000,000 hits & over 6 million pages view THANK YOU!!!!